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    Intelligent Hands Free Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser

    30,000.00 28,000.00

    Intelligent soap and sanitizer dispenser. Best quality North America product with 2 years warranty

    *4 soap volume outputs: 4 different volume settings to allow you adjust the amount being dispensed
    * Touch free sensor: Smart-motion infrared sensor will automatically detect your hands when under the dispenser
    * Water-resistant: Water-resistant base helps to prevent the battery compartment from getting soaked in water which could cause battery corrosion
    * Works with most soap: The dispenser is designed to work with a wide range of liquid like soaps such as: hand sanitizer, shampoo, dish soap. Ideal for hotel, bathroom, and kitchen environments.
    *Large capacity: Soap dispenser comes with a large 12 oz capacity re-fill container

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    Portable UVC sterilizer with gravity sensor

    50,000.00 43,000.00

    Standard quality supplied from overseas

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